How can I understand FK relationships in Entity and Entity_Attr?

Given a certain table, I am trying to write a query that would return to me all of the other dependent tables that have a Foreign Key relationship to my table's primary key. I have been trying to accomplish this via Entity and Entity_Attr, but I am not understanding how the table relationship information is stored...

Can someone please help me?




@Erik Bleifield : Not able to find any direct relationship between 2 entities which have foreign key relations. But one way which figured out is on the basis of "type" we can create a relation between 2 entities. 

I created 2 entities as below.

Entity_attr table :

From above data we can understand that "FirstId" field in second table has type  some string * ss_key of first entity. So we can write some logic on the basis of this relation.

Thanks Vikas - that is what I was looking for.


Yes. It seems the only way to find the relation.  Thanks.

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