[OutSystems UI] No empty text to select in the new DropdownSearch list
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In the old DropdownSearch the empty text appears also in the dropdown list. In the new DropdownSearch the prompt (also empty value) appears not in the dropdown list.

How can I clear the dropdown after i have selected an item from the list, it is not possible te select an empty value (prompt) like in the older version of the DropdownSearch.

After using the inspector of Chrome, I discovered that there is a .vscomp-clear-button available in the DropdownSearch. Maybe the toggle on the clear button is not working when i select an item in the list, as you can see in the examples of the Virtual Select.

When you disable the "display: none;" the clear button becomes visible, and I can clear my selected item.How can i make this work like the examples in Virtual Select.

Hi Jan Hidding,

In fact that is a config from VirtualSelect lib that we decided to set as true based on its usage metrics.

That said, for now you can use a workaround (using css - check it here) to enable it.

We are getting several feedback like this one from you asking it, so on the next release we'll add that to the pattern.

Thanks for the feedback,


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