Performance issue for a developed application
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Service Studio Version
11.14.8 (Build 58515)

Hi Team,

I have developed an application using outsystems but when I am publishing the application , I am facing severe performance issues. This issue is visible across all environments(Dev, tsts etc)

Please help me resolving the issue, as it is impacting my business.

In service studio itself, you can see all performance issues in the tab "truechange". On click it will be redirect you to particular piece of code and also give suggestions to fix the issue. So you can fix one by one.

If you facing difficulty to fix/understand any particular issue then let me know.

Apart from this for performance issues you can refer OutSystems best practices :

Hi Bodhisatya,

Are you facing the performance issue while publishing from service studio? Have you tried publishing from service center. Is it taking same time?

Best Regards


Hi Devendra,

I am facing issue after publishing the application, the response of the application is too slow.


Hi Bodhisatya,

Please read your question again and ask yourself if you provided enough information for anybody on the community to help you. Please provide more details.



Hi Daniel,

I understand your concern but I am not a Outsystems developer, my team has developed the application and I am posting this query on their behalf so I may not know the technical nitty gritties here. Let me know the things you need I will try to provide them at the earliest


I think you should ask the development team first to look at it then, and if they cannot fix it they can post a question here with the proper details for the community to try and help.

HI @Bodhisatya Ghosh 

As you mentioned there is no issue in publishing the application, you are facing issue in performance of the application and its slow. So you need to follow the best practices as mentioned above by all. I think should first start with Service studio -> True Change, there are some performance warnings need to work on those first.

After that you can check for service center logs for slow queries, slow server actions and screen actions. By this way you will be able to identify that which part is performing slow and can work on that particular method/action to rectify the logic according to best practices.


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