Save variable when page is refreshed
Application Type
Service Studio Version
11.14.12 (Build 59645)
Platform Version
11.14.0 (Build 32648)


I develop an app. In this app i have a function where i wish to choose page size for a print. I use a device barcode scanner that refresh the page when it scan. Therefor i need to save the last choice that the user select, so they not need to do select this on next scan. My problem is that the i save this in a page variable that is deleted when page refresh. How do i save this between the scans.

So the best solution for this, what is that. Is it Client variables?

It is a mobile app

Thanks in advance 

Hi @Márcio Carvalho 

Thanks. I edit my question a little bit, because it was how to find the best solution, but i think you are right that client variable is the best, it was mostly to find the right solution

So thank you

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