How to access an SQL agregate output data

I'm currently working on an exercise that contains a form with a button that fetches data using an SQL.

The data is fetched and working. However I need to display on some of the fields of that form the fetched data and to pre-populate the from before submiting.

The problem is that I don't have any idea how to access the agregate that I fetched, since the scope of the form I want the data to be populed, is not the same. 

I'm assuming that once I can access the fetched agregate, I'm able to point one of the form's fields to that data, on the properties.

Can someone help me out?

Thank you

Please use attached oml to solve this issue.


Hi Taigo, 

You can create a data action in your screen and use sql widget in data action. You need to set output structure/entity in sql widget. Map sql widget output to the data action output variable. 

You can use data action output variable in form widgets. 


Hey Vinod, 

I did that,

However I cant seem to get the output var on the same context as the form field. Not showing!

Your output variable should be room not the room list. 

Please share OML file to resolve this.


Ok I've correct that. But still can't access if from the form...

Please use attached oml to solve this issue.


Hi Tiago ,

Please find attached oml and demo url below

I hope this will help you


Rahul jain


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