File path using input filename widget

File path using input filename widget

I'm trying to upload a file that could be on a specific folder in my server or in  in the end-user's computer.
I'm using the input filename widget to upload the file but the Filename returned by the widget doesn't include the path.
In some old posts was suggested to use the FileSystem extension but I didn't see any action in the extension that return a file path string (that is what I need).
How ca I get the file path string?

Hi Crisna,

I believe the file path is not sent with the request when you post a form that contains an Upload: this is a limitation on the HTML widget, I think.

Because of this, you will only be able to get the filename (not the origin's path) once the screen action is invoked.


The browser will NOT allow you to specify an initial directory for the file open dialog, nor will it provide you with the path of the file selected. It's for security reasons.

How can I upload a file from a remote folder?
Can you be more specific? Do you want the user to pick a file and upload it through their Web browser to your application? Or retrieve a file from another machine over a network share, FTP, or HTTP?