Old Producer Error
Platform Version
11.15.0 (Build 34858)

Anyone know how to fix this error.

We have a lot of modules 100+ modules in our Application so we have an issue in circular dependencies.

- I do solution package published and it did not work.

- I also do Application published it did not work too.

- Opening each module in service studio it did not work.

And it seems the new platform has added a new step in publishing and it causing a problem with our server upgrade.


If you can give a better step by step to fix this error.


Hi Jovvy,

Do you mean that you have 100+ modules in a single application?

It indeed sounds like an error originated because of a circular dependency. I guess the platform is waiting for the producer module of 'ORG_Services' to finish upgrading, but it never finishes because the producer module is also dependent on 'ORG_Services', due to the circular dependency ('ORG_Services' is basically a producer for its own producer). I'm sure OutSystems support can give more detailed info on that.

I suggest you break them down into different applications and resolve circular dependencies, even though it's a tedious task. That would help a lot with future development and reduce the risk of these kinds of publish issues as well.

You can start with module 'ORG_Services', and check if just isolating it will resolve that error. If it does, then maybe you can assume that the circular dependency was causing the error.

There is also a more recent document related to the link you shared, maybe it helps: https://success.outsystems.com/Support/Enterprise_Customers/Upgrading/Possible_errors_related_to_modules_preparation


Hello Jovvy

you can publish your producer module, let it  compile, Open consumer module if you has missing dependency attach them and then compile consumer module.

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