Hi Guys,

If I have to search the record based on assessment year For example, I select 2021 from the dropdown it must show me the record of  (Assessment from date(2021)) .See the attachment .

What filter should I apply here???



Hi Rohan,

Use Year inbuilt function in aggregate filter some thing like Year(Date).

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Hello Rohan,

In the way you're implementing it, you could add a filter to your GetEmployeesByAssessmentfromdate query.

Year = NullIdentifier() or 
GetYear(Year).Year.Year = Year(Employee.Assessmentfromdate)

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In case of applying the filter, take one local variable and associate with dropdown widget. Then in aggregate filter

your local variable=NullIdentifier() or entity.attribute= your local variable.

This will produce filtered results.

I hope it will help you

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