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Hello there.

I am new in OS and I would like to know how can I create a scatter plot in my dashboard.
I have gone through highcharts but I can only see data with fixed values. I would like to create a scatter plot "EVA_Seaport vs AVA_Seaport" so I can see the delay of ships in each port. I provide a screenshot of my aggregate so you can understand my data.

Thank you in advance! 

Screenshot 2022-04-14 at 4.58.46 PM.png

Hi Vasilis,

You can use Apex Time Line Charts for that -



Mr Patidar,

Thank you for your kind suggestion.
I see that the scatter plot's Datapoints for X,Y are decimal data types but I would like to have Date Time data types there. So should I add an extra structure or is there a way to convert date time to a data type that I can represent on a chart.

Thank you once again !


Hi Vasilis,

Yes, date time data type is available in Apex TimelineChart_MultiSeries chart. Please see the below details.

Apex TimelineChart_MultiSeries contains input parameter ChartDatapoints(Data Type - Chart_TimelineDatapoints List). and Datapoints(Data Type -Chart_TimelineDatapoint List)

I am not sure that this will give my desired solution but still, you have given me a very good tool. Thank you and have a nice rest of the week!


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