How can I update my line chart via setting value in slider ?

So I have a line chart widget in my screen .

this chart widget gets data from a aggregate to display.

the chart display  number of deliveries according to time 

now I have a added two sliders  to  my screen.

one will give a start time and other will give end time .

 now according to this  my graph should be updated 

how can I achieve this ?.

I have build this but it only works nicely with one slider . after adding the second one things works some time and some time doesn't. kindly help me in making it 

I am using javascript to convert decimal to Time data type . as I have a filter in aggregate which has a local variable and It needs same data type as of the column



could you please provide screenshot of slider like what value they return and what is written in JS.

the slider have Value form 0 to 24 . below is screen shot for it 


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