Integrating with AWS S3 and IAM for user and user group management
Application Type

I am assessing OutSystems for a user portal for a customer.  We need to be able to do the following IAM tasks from within the application.  I see several AWS connectors, but not one for IAM services. I'm hoping that someone here can connect me to a way to do this.

Functions needed:

  • create group
  • create policy
  • add user to group
  • get group
  • get user
  • list users
  • remove user from group
  • update group
  • list groups

We'll be using this to manage access to S3 bucket directories, but I noticed that the OutSystems S3 connector has a limit on the ListObjects function to 1000 objects, which is not sufficient for our needs.  Is there another trusted connector that does not have these limitations?

Thanks in advance.

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