cleaning up the Test environment

Hi Everyone,

I need to clean up theapplication deployed in test environment from the development environment in the enterprise application. could someone assist me with the process.

By cleanup you meaning to remove the application from test env? If so you can simply delete the application from test env. If there is some other meaning of cleanup then please explain.

Could you please confirm if this is the way to go about it ?

Yes, if you want to delete the application completely then you can simply delete the application. It will delete complete application from the environment. 

But why you want to delete the application. If by cleanup your meaning to clean the data only then you can write any script for that. But if you want to remove the application then simply delete it.

need to delete the application only from the test environment since i was making sure if the applications are getting deployed properly or not . 

Yes Saif, you can delete only from test env. Just connect with test env in service studio or login on test service center and delete desired application. That's all. 


Hello Saif,

You can directly delete the application from the service center or even from the service studio.




I don't want to delete from development only from test environment


In service center you can delete the application for only the environment in which you start service center. So if you want to keep the app in Dev go to your Https://<your test environment>/service center, then factory then applications and select the app you want to delete and delete it.

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