Change the column color in column chart
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I can able to change color of an all column by using color property in source data. Here it is not possible to change the color of each column. How can i change the color of a column?

Do you want to give different color for any particular column ?

yes different colors for different columns

For this you need to use advanced format and need to pass color value for each. This link we helpful to get an idea how you can do this :

Please let me know if still issue not resolved.


Also if your requirement to change the color of any particular column bar then you can change it by giving color in following property.

Link is :*uptggo*_ga*MTgzNzQ0NzUwMC4xNjQ5MjQwOTg1*_ga_ZD4DTMHWR2*MTY1MDAzNDg1MS4xNy4xLjE2NTAwMzU3NDEuNjA.

This link was provided by you only in another post :


Thank you vikas I will try this.

Please update solution here and mark it also. So will be helpful for other members.

Hello vikas

I tried with the link. It wont work as what I required. but for multiple columns it is working properly

thank you

could you please provide me the OML of this. 

Hello vikas

I am sharing OML here


Hi Priyanka,

I was not able to load  OML provided by you due to missing dependencies. But created a demo for you and below is the output. Please find attached OML. Hope it will solve your issue.


Although its a reactive application and your issue in mobile application. But I think chart works same in both platforms.

Hello vikas

sorry to inform you, my entity will take input from user, so this approach wont work for this.

Thank you

Okay. But still if user gives input then you can show drop-down to user using color entity. Then can store selected value in database.

I understood the concept thank you but this wont work for my application.

okay no issue. That's good you got the concept. But if you can share your requirement or challenge you are facing in little details then can get a proper solution as per your project requirement. As per I went through the OML shared by you there should not be any challenge for you to implement this logic.

hi Priyanka ,

  For your requirement  use this in your cahrt properties -colour 

If(ColumnIdentifier= Entities.CourseStatus.Complete_Current,Entities.Color.Green,Entities.Color.Red)
ColumnIdentifier-is your column in your entity

Thanks In advance 


hello Soundarya

I will try this.


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