Checkbox problem

how can i resolve this problem?? When i click in one check box it doesnt select the row, but the whole table, how can i change that? 

This is because, there is only one variable to hold the value of all checkbox.

For solving this problem you should take one Boolean variable in your list. That Boolean will hold the value of checkbox.

In your table aggregate you can take one Boolean variable.

For this either you can take one extra attribute in aggregate of Boolean type, default value will be false.

or you can create on structure to hold the Boolean value. Set this Boolean to table checkboxes as you set for other columns.

Hope it will help to solve your issue.


the problem is that the value that is on the checkbox is a variable on the data_base

Ive tried everything bro that isnt working that selects all theboxes

I marked as soluction before sorry it was a missclick

Hi @Francisco José Ferreira Alves,

I referred your .oml file and it seems like you have created single "IsSelected" variable in "Dados_Treino" data action and you assigned that single variable to each record in table. Because of that whenever you clicked on any check box from any one table row it mark/unmark all checkboxes from table.

I have made change in output of data action by assigning Is Selected variable to each record you getting from service action. You can get oml through below gdrive link.

Google drive link

Hope this will helps you.


Narendra Bhangale.

No issue. Can you provide OML file.

here you have it

Hi @Francisco José Ferreira Alves,

As per your problem statement I have created demo application and .oml file is attached below.

Also app link is here demo app link to check.


Narendra Bhangale.


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