Custom x axis label order
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Traditional Web
Service Studio Version
11.14.13 (Build 59808)

Hello everyone, i'm just new to chart in Outsystems.

Can i custom the order of the x axis label that following the Japanese Fiscal Year? Start at April and End at March

Hi Lan,

You can add one more attribute order and you can assign the custom order into your data there and sort it while fetching from DB or before sending it to Chart. Some thing like below

Below is the chart rendering after the sorting

Best Regards


Thanks for your help, it's works.

But there is another problem, when a month doesn't have data, the order that display in the chart will be changed, like below. Do you have any idea to fix this?

Hi Lao,

You can write your own custom logic to handle that. Like based on your data you can reassign the order before sending to the chart May be create action which accepts the data returned from aggregate and write some logic there and as a output you will get the restructured order.

Best regards


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