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can we implement google maps in out systems without using java script?

Below is our Oml where we added maps in service studio but cannot display it in the browser, 

Please help.


I think no. Because to load Google map we need API. In OutSystems mobile it support only javascript API. So you its required.

Although if you want to show only map with one location then you can load it via a url.


Hi Mate,

As Vikas Sharma told If want to use google maps in your application you need an API for that from Google Maps.

Although if  you want to refer to a particular location you can provide Longitude and Latitude in by using Map widget in Outsystems.



Hello, im new to this stuff, I added the google map plugin, added the map to the screen, but how can I add markers to it?
like if I want to add specific locations by manually inserting the latitude and longitude?

Hi, did you try the OutSystems Maps plugin or any of the forge components for Google Maps?

yes i tried with that pluggin


@Javaji Akshitha : As mentioned earlier, its depend on your requirement. If you want to show simple map you can do without API. But like if you want to use any other feature of Google Map like Direction, search, Geocoding then you need API.

So please help us to know that what is your exact requirement with Google map.

to display particular locations on map by using entity


If you want to display simple map with location marker then you just need to load the below URL with coordinates :


For more example and options like zoom, center, map type etc take a look at this :  https://stackoverflow.com/questions/6582834/use-a-url-to-link-to-a-google-map-with-a-marker-on-it

From entity you can pass lat, lng in these urls.

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