[OutSystems Data Grid] how to get Current Row Number on clicking any column in Grid
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11.14.8 (Build 58515)

In a DataGrid Reactive 

I want to get the current row number on clicking any column inside grid.

For Example if i click on March i should get value "3"


Hi Hamza

I believe you want to get the grid line number.

1st Create a local variable (CurrentRowNumber)

2nd Click on Roll Cell
 \ Properties \ Events \ Event \ add an onclick event

3rd Add a new client action

4º Add an Assign with the variable (CurrentRowNumber) and pass the grid value (nameGrid.List.CurrentRowNumber)

5º Repeat the step for the other Row Cells (with the same Client Action)

To show the value of the row add an Expression with the value of the variable (CurrentRowNumber)

I am working with DataGrid. We dont have options like getting CurrentRowNumber or calling events onClick

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