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I only have two apps, a mobile and a web app. They're not particularly massive, but I'm regularly exceeding my system data.

I think this is because I publish changes frequently and it seems my old versions are retained automatically. For example; it seems there are 226 versions of my web app available (because that's how many are listed under module->versions and available for me to publish or download), that I've published in the last fortnight alone...

I go to modules-> 'Check Old Module Versions to Delete' regularly, but it seems there's lots more not included in this list. None of the others are tagged to versions.

How can I force the deletion of these old version if I'm happy with just the very last published version?

I've tried using 'DB Cleaner on Steriods' but clearly didn't use it properly because I broke my apps last time I tried to use it for this purpose. I'm a bit nervous to try again...

I read somewhere that it's possible to save a copy of the apps locally, delete them from outsystems entirely, and then re-import and publish them. Will that work? Will it effect my existing users?

Thanks so much


hey @Leigh Rogers yes you can save your application in locally  and later you can import it in your environment .

for saving your application you have to download it and save in local storage. for your reference i am sharing the screen short .for any further help please let ,me know . thank you.

Screenshot (77).png

hey @Leigh Rogers please refer my idea for cleaning the environment space .  I was used that forge component "db cleaner on steroid ".it really helpful for me .please refer this link   https://www.outsystems.com/ideas/11832/clean-your-environment-with-forge-component/

hope this will work for you .thank you 

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