How to make a graph with binary data stored in the database
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Hi, I need to make a graph with data from an excel sheet stored in the module of database as binary data and don't know how to do it. 

I made a graph but it was from a sheet uploaded in the database from the same module, and not binary data. Can someone help? 


Hello Rui,

You can use ExceltoRecod widget to convert the excel file stored in the database, This record list you can use for creating graphs. 

For Record Definition, you can specify the structure for the excel file.

For file content, you can pass the binary data from the database.



Hi! Thank you! The Excel is not stored in the database, because it needs to be an attribute of an entity, so I only store it as binary data. As so, I can't use my entity as the Record Definition, it says this: "Invalid Excel Handling ExcelToRecordList1 'Record Definition' cannot contain entities/structures with 'Binary Data' data type attributes."

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