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Hello, I have a problem in my program. Basically I have two roles, Trainer and Athlete. Each football coach has an associated Tier. The coach is the one who creates the football training. Basically I wanted a checkbox, which contained all the Tiers of the database, when selecting a Tier, only the training entered by the coach of that Tier would appear, and not all. Can anybody help me?

I have this oml file if it helps.

Hi João,

Thanks for your oml.

You'll probably need to use the Id of the selected Tier to filter the training info. So you should add that filter to the training aggregate, an have a refresh of the data on Tier selection.

Also, you should remove the refresh data from your OnInitialize action, since the data might not be ready, as you can read on the warning there to learn more.

Hope this helps,


Hey @João Mendes ,

Were you able to solve the issue?

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