C drive space full

When I am deploying my application from development environment to prod environment it throws an error of C drive memory full. I am unable to find out which component consuming so much space. On inspect i found Inetpub folder consuming so much space and i am unable to delete the log files in that please help and provide appropriate solution ofr my problem.  

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hey @Jitendra Kumar ,It may be your environment space is full that why you got that error . Please refer the below link https://www.outsystems.com/ideas/11832/clean-your-environment-with-forge-component/

here you can clean your environment .It may be helpful for you . for further help please let me know. thank you

Hey @BARKHA PRADHAN  its not about personal Environment my production environment server showing this error showing 0gb free out of 126gb in C drive.


hey @Jitendra Kumar ok . I suggest you to delete that folder  and save only the important file  And still you facing this issue then connect to your IT team . because this issue  may be related to your personal system space problem. 

Hello jitendra

Go to the control panel and uninstall the application which are not required. 

And go to C drive folder-> users-> download, remove unnecessary files.



@Priyanka S  this is not issue at my local computer level its my client issue so deleting folders from C drive is not a solution

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