[Case Management framework] Returning a task to previous step without going through all steps again
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Hello all,

I am working on a flow using the workflow builder which will be converted later to a CMF project for further customization. In my flow, I have a form that will be filled by a requester then the requester manager can approve/return it then the second manager can approve/return it. My question is if the request is approved by the manager and then returned by the second manager, I want the request to be returned for the first step which is the form submission and after that, it goes directly to the second manager's approval without the need of manager approving it again. 

In the workflow builder, there is an option for returning the request to any of the previous steps. 

But this will return the request and will force the request to go through all the in-between stages which I want to skip. Is there a way that I can modify this when converting the flow to a CMF project, an approach to follow for returning a task to the previous step, and after modifying the task to go directly to the stage where it has been returned?

Thanks in advance. 


As per my understanding your flow will be something like below :

Requester submit request -> Manager 1 approve/reject request -> Manager 2 approve/reject request.

Now in above case if Manager 2 approve the request then it will be complete. But if Manager 2 reject request then it will be assigned back to requester. Now if requester again submit it then it will go to Manager 2 directly for approval and want to skip step of Manager 1 approval.

If my understanding is correct about the workflow then you simple need to check one condition or status of the request. If its status was rejected by Manager 2 then it will go to directly Manager 2. Or if assignedBy user is Manager2 then you can redirect to Manager 2 directly.


Thank you very much. this is what I am looking for. 

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