[Input Masks Library] Changed Variable Value does not trigger Mask update
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Same issue as this post from 2017, however I don't see the ForceUpdate in the latest version for Reactive.

When I change the value of a variable that is linked to an input inside the CurrencyMask widget, the masked value does not update the value and retains the old value.

I debugged the DidUpdate action and the local variable MaskedValue does not update to the value that I set to the variable on the input field.

Uploaded a new version where this bug is fixed. Check-out version 1.1.6.


I have a similar issue with the currency mask: 

when I type in any decimal number and then delete decimal fractions value doesn't update. It only starts updating when deleting whole numbers before the decimal separator. 

Could you please advise how do I change this behaviour? 

Thank you.

Sasha Bayles

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