Check box : Check all to a table which have paginations
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I have a table that contains many pages and i added a check box to it. .

when i click on the select all and pass from page 1 to page 2 for example i do not get all the items selected. 

Hi Melki,

You need to write your logic on aggregates on after fetch event. If user click on select all check box you need to store that value in local variable. On aggregates on after fetch event you need to check or uncheck values for all records based on local variable value.



Hi Melki,

Please find the attached OML as per your requirements.


Hi Vinod,

I have the similar error, the exemple you send work just with displayed data, because the aggregation get ten by ten.

For exemple if we stay in page 1, select all and push the list in log, on the logs we found just 10 elements.


Hi Othmane,

If you want all items as a selected then you need to select all records using aggregates without setting max records property.



Hello @melki dheker allah,

Yes you are right, after changing page through table pagination all selected items get erased.

The reason is because when you clicked on SelectAll checkbox or single check for record and you change that boolean variable from False to True or reverse that change is not stored in database, that value is just temporarily changes.

And on pagination changes it refreshes that aggregate and boolean values changes whuch are unsaved vanishes.

Simple answer is whenever you click on checkbox for single value check or for SelectAll you have to perform Update operation on that entity. So your changes get stored in database.


Narendra Bhangale.

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