Confirmation Message Issue

Hello everyone,

I was wondering why DiffDays function is not recognizable in confirmation message of a button?

The result of DiffDays is 15, Min is 10, and Max is 25

but It always go to True result even though it should be False.

But when I assigned the condition to a local variable it is now okay

Any thoughts why is it like that?

Hi Chosua,

You can try this way - 

If((Condition 1) or (Condition 2), "True", "False"). This may help you.

Please try this.

Hi Sameer,

I already tried putting parenthesis on each condition, and I also tried putting the first condition to test if it can acknowledge the diffdays but the result is always TRUE.

Hi chousa,

Use proper parenthesis you will get the answer

Hi Priyanka, 

I already tried enclosing it in a parenthesis but same result, and I also tested the first condition if it will recognize the DiffDays but still it's not. The result is always true.

Hi @Chosua Reyes 

Can You send your oml file???



Hi Md,

I am sorry I am unable to send my oml file since it a project but my only concern is all about diffdays function in confirmation message. I already resolve the issue and I am just wondering why is not recognizable if directly declare diffdays.


Why do you need an OML @Md Mansur?, the question is clear described and has all the details needed to answer.


This is the evaluation of your condition

15+1 = 16 < 10 = False or 15+1 > 25 = False

So yes this condition with the following inputs DiffDays is 15, Min is 10, and Max is 25 will correctly return false.

Maybe you want a different condition that meets your requirements.

If you want to have the condition return a boolean value True or False, then replace "TRUE" and "FALSE" with True and False.

Hi Daniel,

Yes, that's what I did when I noticed that diffdays is not recognizable.. It's just that I'm curious and I want some explanation about it. :)

If you put your project through debug and look at your values when your logic is executed, I'm sure you will see where the error is. To my knowledge, your issue is that the calculation is not performed before the button is clicked. The result of the calculation will not be available until after the flow leaves the button, too late for the message to register. But, this thought is formed from what I was able to gather of your description of the problem.

Hi Chousa,

There is no problem with the DiffDays function not being 'recognized' in the confirmation message of the button.

Your problem is that for some reason, the + you do between DiffDays and the value 1, is executed as a string concat instead of an integer addition.  (This seems to be a bug to me)

Anyway, if diffdays is 15, your test is 151 < 10 or 151 > 25, which is of course always true.

a similar expression that would work in the ConfirmationMessage property of a button is : 

If(DiffDays(DateFrom,AddDays(DateTo,1)) < Conditions.Current.MinDiff
or DiffDays(DateFrom,AddDays(DateTo,1)) > Conditions.Current.MaxDiff,


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