Hello, i have question. Here is situation, in my team 3 members. We developed the same app. How we can exchange with each other settings (customizations) of our app without git? Can I export settings or part of settings?Can i export metainformation

Can you provide more information on your query or may be elaborate more? 

Sure,  my team need to solvse this case:
1. We have 3 copy of one app (same app)

2. Each of us make his own features (modified this app)

3. We need to exchange with this feautures to each other. 

How to make it so that we can add these features to copy of the project without breaking  settings of each other? as far as I understand if we use git we can overwrite each other's settings

Thanks for explaining.

If you want to hide/show the features developed by each other without impacting other things on your project you can feature toggling component. Through which you can manage the things or other simple approach to that is to use Site properties.

Can i read smth about it?

Thanks,  here is one more qestion where i can read about your vendor policy?

This component is not from my vendor, so sorry couldn't help you on that. :)


Hi Mario,

Are you and your team members using your Personal Environment (PE) for app development? Because that's explicitly prohibit by the terms of use for the PE. If you want to develop an app with a team, you need to buy an OutSystems commercial licence.

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