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Hi All,

I am showing Products in Kendo Grid. In the 1st columns of this grid we have 1 option called "Details". When I click on it I am calling Popup to show Product Details. 

My problem is when I click on "Details" then I able to show selected Product Name using JavaScript. This code I set it in "OnReady" Here I got selected product name in Message Box. But when I click it again it shows me the product name in alert but not in Message Box and it is showing product name where I clicked 1st.

Means out of 10 records suppose if i click on 3rd rows Details then in Popup it shows the details of 3rd product for 1st time but I click on any row then  also it showing me 3rd rows details. But in alert it correctly shows product name. 

In javascript i used below code

productName=  $(this).text();

alert(productName); //it always show selected rows product Name

$parameter.pName = productName; //not returning the correct value


I also follow below URL

Documentation (outsystems.com) 

I am using this approach because whatever ProductName I am passing to Popup at that time we don't want refresh the page. If any other solution pls let me know.


Hi Shaun,

I understand your concern. Could you share your oml if possible?


Dinesh Kumar

Sorry I can't share the oml. 1

I able to get the correct / current rows value in alert but it is not retuning it. 

My code is : 

1]  OnReady =>JS Code=> 


productName=  $(this).text(); 


$parameter.pName = productName; 



$parameter.pName this is my Output parameter

2] Assign widget => SelectedProductName = JavaScript1.pName

3] On Message I am showing above SelectedProductName which display only once when I click on any rows "details". If I click it again on any other row then only in alert I get correct ProductName but not in messagebox

I tested this with <a href=URL?pName=dynamicProductId> Details</a>

This code works fine but due to <a> it reloads my current page that I don't want.

Can somebody tell me how do I achieve this without reloading the page.

<a href="exampleDomain.dev. com?pName=101>Details</a>

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