Get Count of similar values in Structure

Hi All,

I have a Structure created based on response from API call. I have no table, hence this has been difficult for me to solve.

What is needed:

I want to calculate the count of similar values in a specific column, and show a column graph based on the values.
For eg: in the image attached, I have columns Project and Status, I want to get count of Low, Medium and High Status for all the projects and plot them on Column Chart. But I'm stuck at the first step only. There isn't anything to select as value for column chart since I can't find the count anywhere as of now.

What I tried:

This is a dummy data from public JIRA API, please ignore the null values.
I'm calling jira api based on date selection and then displaying returned data in form of table. this works perfectly fine. But now I need to plot Project vs Status column chart. I found that in Aggregate, we could do this (reference : Get count and display) . But i'm not able to do this in Structure. I have no table, only structure created from the JIRA API.

Demo Result :

This is the result that I want, as of now the numbers are the currentRowNumber since I didn't have anything else in decimal format.


Hi @Aman Devrath,

To get count of each status from API you can do simple logic from below image.

Consider Instead of Aggregate you are looping API data and as per conditions just increment counter by one per loop cycle.

At end you will get counter for each status.


Apply List filter for each condition and get length on ListFiler, so you will get count for condition applied.

Hope this solution will help you to resolve your problem.


Narendra Bhangale.

Hi @Narendra Bhangale ,

Thank you for the help. I already have a logic in DataAction (image for reference below). How can I add switch case to GetSearch.Response.Issues and also ListAppend, since on adding it's giving me GetSearch Not Found. Do I have to add another DataAction ? And if I add another DataAction, will I get the same results that I get in this logic using ListAppend ? 

Hello @Aman Devrath,

You can go with solution mentioned by @Vinod Patidar.

But as you asked for this error you can you can refer below image and am not facing any error for using switch while looping records.

Hi Aman,

You can use ListFilter Action that is available in System module.

In this action you need to pass SourceList and condition(Priority="Low") then it will provide you Filtered list. You can use Filtered list count to get the total records of low Priority.



Hi @Vinod Patidar ,

Thank you for the help. I can use this for multiple cases? for example all the priorities, different status (open, close, testing etc) ?



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