Pages getting redirected to error.html


We are facing a issue, pages are getting redirected at error.html.

When tried to debug, this happens much before preparation loads. 

This looks something like below screen shot

Upon checking in service center the trace looks like 

[ErrorScreen] Load timeout for modules: OutSystemsUI.controller$SidebarToggle


Any help will be appreciated. 

Seems to me to be a reference problem, have you tried deleting the sidebar toggle widget and referencing it again?

I've seen someone with a similar issue, and what they did was create a new module and just copy everything onto it, if deleting and fetching the reference again doesn't solve it, maybe that will (?)

Thanks a lot for your reply.

Tried updating dependencies. Still facing below error

Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read properties of undefined (reading '0')

    at renderTitle (OutSystemsUI.Calendar.js?njRP5ovLnEPOY6va+XLRCA:515:33)

    at Pikaday.draw (OutSystemsUI.Calendar.js?njRP5ovLnEPOY6va+XLRCA:1646:108)

    at Pikaday.show (OutSystemsUI.Calendar.js?njRP5ovLnEPOY6va+XLRCA:1868:22)

    at HTMLDivElement.<anonymous> (OutSystemsUI.Calendar.js?njRP5ovLnEPOY6va+XLRCA:1068:18)

Hi Tanaya,

Did you ever find the solution for this problem?
We're having exactly the same problem for a structure reference.


Michiel van Lokven

Hi Tanaya

I have faced the same problem. This is mainly due to particular Module dependency as sometimes after refreshing the dependency of producer modules, it will not link to the latest version of that producer module. So, it is giving module load timeout error.

Solution :- You can remove the dependency of the modules that were giving errors & again take the dependency of that modules . It will reference to the latest version of that producer modules.


Rahul Kumar

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