Can I change environment when mobile app is live in app store?
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We are building a mobile app for our customer (parallel to a reactive web) that we want to publish in the app store.

Now I heard it takes some time for the app store to approve the app, so we want to start early on this mobile app.

However, we are changing the OutSystems environment in a month and I was wondering if it makes sense to start building it already on the current environment? Or will it cost extra time to change the environment once the app is published in the app store?


Hello Maud,

If you're going to move to new infrastructure, the application will have to be published in the new environment. This means that a new version would have to be deployed in app stores.

I think it makes sense to start development - you could commence development in your old environment, but only release your mobile app to app stores after moving to your new infrastructure and publishing there.

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