Table with dynamic sorting on a non-mandatory column not refreshing data in RWapp
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I have a table with dynamic sort enabled, when I sort the table on a non-mandatory column(has data empty for few rows). When I click on page navigation control it changes correctly but the data in the table does not refresh for few pages. When I continue after few page clicks it will works as expected i.e refreshes data in the table.

The NewStartIndex is getting the value correct based on page size. 

Aggregate refresh action is in the flow

Hi @Suresh Kanthi ,

Can you share your OML for more information ?

The issue occurs when we apply sorting on a non-mandatory column(having empty data in rows). During page navigation some rows repeat and sometimes even though page change but data doesn't refresh.

I tried clearing some data related to display column Username and the issue repeated, when I fill all rows issue didn't occur. 


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