I'm following the "Start designing a business process" how to, but cannot get the taskbox to appear when it should (after creating a candidate).

What am I missing ?

Thank you

João Campos
check if you are AdministrativeAssistance
Yes, the user is AdministrativeAssistant ...

I've double checked and captured the attached screens and it looks good, but the taskbox still doesn't show ....

João Campos
Hi Joao, can you tell me what version of the Agile Platform are you using? (there's a known problem with EPA_Taskbox in that was soved in version Regares, Joao Portela
That must be it !  I'm using !

Do you know when will become generally available ?


João Campos
Hi João,

Agile Platform Server should reach General Availability next Friday. But, if you're using the Community you can download version here.

João Portela
Hi João,

I have the same issue with the lesson "Start Designing a Business Process".

I understand this is an issue in Platform Your advice is to use, however this is not available anymore.
I saw a candidate release and it's release notes mention an issue on EPA_Taskbox.
So I upgraded to, I republished some eSpaces such as RichWidgets en Users, and I republished the Recruitment app from the lesson.
Unfortunately still no Taskbox shows up.

Another question on re-publishing after a Platform upgrade:
All eSpaces show warnings in Service Center to republish.
After executing republishing, the warnings do not disapear.

Am I doing the right steps to get the Taskbox running and am I doing something wrong in the Platform upgrade?

Joost van der Schoot
Hi João,

I found my problem:  I had to upload and upgrade the new System Components which are part of
After doing that and executing again a series of republishing, I now get the Taskbox.

However, I still can't get rid of the warning messages in Service Center to republish.
These warnings are on references that are outdated. For instance I get this warning on RichWidgets.
When republishing the 2 external references for RichWidgets, the warning will still not disapear.

Joost van der Schoot
Hi Joost,

Yes, you needed to publish, at least, the EPA_Taskbox espace (which is included in the System Components solution).

Regarding the warnings, I suggest you to publish the entire factory and validate if the warnings disapeear, or not.

João Portela