How to Disable booked timeslot


I want to show Time slot for Booking. when I book a particular slot suppose 11.30 on 28/04/2022.for next booking it should either disable or not clickable.

PFA (Check Appointment)for reference and suggest suitable solution with oml.


Not sure if this is what you need as it depends on your architecture aswell, you can have a table that contains all the time for the slots then an boolean to check if it is still avail or not.

Hello @Manorama Malviya,

Could you please proved demo oml with your problem statement.

So will get to know exact requirement.

here this is


Hello @Manorama Malviya,

I have made few changes in your oml as per your requirements.

We can not directly disable specific dropdown element, so in logic I skipped that already selected timeslot.

Please find the attached oml.


Narendra Bhangale.


Hi @Manorama Malviya 

Your requirement is not clear ,can you please send  screenshots or oml file to better understanding.



find above

it would be better if you have an entity for the date and time, so you dont need to manually check if there is an appointment. that table should contain the appointment date and time and the status of it, you can have a table to auto create these record, for example 3 month in advance so they can select 3 months ahead. you can change depending on your scenario

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