[TimeLine] Discussion

[TimeLine] Discussion

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Published on 2011-08-14 by Gonçalo Barata
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Published on 2011-08-14 by Gonçalo Barata
Hi there,

I downloaded the eSpace and trie to use the component on my own eSpace. The thing is that I cannot see it - look's like the graph is there but it doesen't show on screen (all white). I even copied the webscreen example from the downloaded eSpace and still doesn't show. Looks like a CSS problem because it works fine on your eSpace.

I just can't solve it. Any ideas?
Just a note:

This widget is not free for commercial use, see the license is here

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I am using this widget and it is working fine for me.

As shown in below screenshot, existing timeline will appear in Timelines popup and by clicking on the link we can turn off/on display of timeline.

Is it possible to add another timeline to this control? 

Sagar S. Nannaware
The timeglider widget is based on this : http://timeglider.com/widget/
I noticed the widget has recently been improved and so this version is not the version you’ll find on this forge…actually they have a license now, which they didn’t before.
I did not find any version control on the site and/or documentation of the previous version.
I believe the answer for this is in the JSON data structure that is being generated as the widget data feed.
You are probably generating one timeline object that has an array of event objects inside.
If you generate an array of timeline objects I assume the widget will present it.



believe it!
Just a quick note about the license, the version that is "embedded" in this Outsystems widget is the 0.0.9, the last Timeglider open source version.

So, you can use it freely. 

On README.txt:

The Timeglider jQuery widget is free & open-source, per the MIT license: