Column chart issue related to entity having Identifier as Text
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I'm trying to generate a column chart (as image below) by using entity(as image below) that has Identifier column in Text Format (basically like a matrix).

Issue that I faced :

  1. On Import Excel file, it didn't import all the data from excel and return some blank values
  2. The chart that I need as per image below, I can only get 1 column, but as you can see the required chart has two columns and one line chart with a table format legend below it. 

Column Chart I need : 

What I got :

My chart returned no value.
What I tried :

I had to manually type the label text as I didn't retrieve the column names (or is it possible).

Entity :

I imported excel file, but it didn't import all the values. (excel file for reference below entity).

Hi Aman

Even I faced same issue once, You delete the previously imported data and import once again, so all the data you will get properly



Hi @Priyanka S ,

I deleted and imported the excel file again. Fixed the 1st issue. 

Thanks ,


Hello Aman 

Would you please share the image of chart which you get now



Hi @Priyanka S ,

I was able to get two columns after much research (as I'm new), but the values remain same for both the columns in the chart.

Entity used :

hello Aman

You can install this forge component and implement this in your project



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