Call a stored procedure with user-defined table type parameters

Hi, I have to call a stored procedure that has user-defined table type input parameters. The procedure and the types are defined on a sqlserver database.

Is it possible to call it with outsystems? It seems that it is possible to pass only basic types.  


Hi Mauro,

From what I know basic types and entity identifier types are allowed in Advanced SQL as parameters which can also be passed as input parameters for a stored procedure execution.

Not sure what you mean by user-defined table type input parameters, is the procedure expecting an input of entity (table) type? Like passing a full table record as input? If so, maybe procedure logic should be changed, to accept an entity identifier and get the record in its logic instead. It's never a good idea to pass as input parameters to screens/actions etc. a full entity record.



Hi Mauro,

you can take a different approach,  instead of calling the stored procedure directly from the SQL widget you can create one extension and inside that extension code (C# code) you can accept the compound type (Structure) and you can pass it to the stored procedure in the form of the data table.

DataTable dt = new DataTable();

dt.Columns.Add("Attr1", typeof (string));

dt.Columns.Add("Attr2", typeof (string));

SqlParameter sqlparam = new SqlParameter("@userdefinedtabletypeparameter", SqlDbType.Structured)


    TypeName = "dbo.userdefinedtabletype",

    Value = dt



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