Display marker data on click of polyline.

Hi community, can you help me out with this kind of functionality where when I click on the polyline then all the markers data should be displayed on the side window in the form of card sequentially. So basically I have 4 datasets(lat, lng, name of place etc)  (1 for each polyline) and I need to display that particular polylines data on the side window, I am attaching the image for refernce. So this side window basically tells the sequence of the markers, and data is displayed in the cards which should be connected via arrow.


Currently , I have plotted the 4 polylines for 4 different datasets and I should be able to reflect the each polylines data in the card stacked format for each polyline on click. Currently I am explicitly putting the list value as the 1st dataset so all the cards of 1st dataset are being displayed. Now I want to add the functionality where when I click on the polyline, that particular dataset is being reflected on side windows card list.

Screenshot (41).png

here I have simply put the first dataset as the source to the list container of the side winodw, how can I change the source to dataset2 or dataset3 according to the click of that particular polyline corresponding to the datasets.

It would be of great if you can help me with this.

Screenshot (42).png


Hi Riya,

Refer to the this post: https://www.outsystems.com/forums/discussion/77982/how-can-i-give-on-click-property-to-a-particular-marker-or-a-particular-polyline/#Post322653

Based on the solution suggested in the shared link: On polyline click the click event handler client action (i.e. GetLocation) will get the Lat & Lng value, using which you can filter the List dataset and update the SideBar data with the Filtered result set .

I hope this helps you!

Kind regards,

Benjith Sam

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