Update and delete


PFA and Help to find out 

1.why doctor is not deleting

2.why its saving every time as a new record after editing also.


 Hi Manorama,

Kindly share Doctor_Appointement_Online oml  as the logic is inside that module

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there is no issue in this.please check doctor only

Can you please share Doctor_Appointement_Online oml  

this is the prob


Hi Manorama,

1 st point -  Delete the Clinic Doctor Association

2nd point

Replace the CreateUser by CreateorUpdateUser

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I dont want to delete clinic Doctor Association.its a separate junction Entitiy. i changed it by create update still prob is same.


one more problem is there ,when updating doctor its creating new record everytime.

Hi @Manorama Malviya 

First Problem solution::

This error happed deu to delete rule .

 you should delete the child data firstly  than you can delete parent data(doctor)  or go to database and go to attribute and   and set the delete  prop is Delete or ignore,



i have delete file first that is child of doctor extended then doctor extended that is child of user.

tried both rule also

Hi Manorama,

You can soft delete the user instead of actually deleting the user by making Is_Active = True in user entity.

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Hi @Manorama Malviya,

The Error Is due to the Delete Rule for User_Id Reference,

When you delete the record from User Entity it will affect all the other references with Delete Rule with protected, For example, You have a reference of User_Id on the Appointment entity with Protected rule, So if the deleting doctor have any existing Appointment this will raise a database exception.

So please make sure the Delete Rule of User_Id references from all Entities should not be protected.

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