Session variable lose value OS6.0

Good afternoon,
To test the 6.0, I created a mini app with two OML, with all the pages to accept anonymous user, the oml1 just show data and oml2 to do something similar to an administration.
I am with the following problem, I have created a WebBlock in oml2, that is used in oml1, this WebBlock uses an action that store a value in a session variable in oml2 and forwards the user to a oml2 page .
What happens is that the session variable loses is value when " get out" of the WebBlock to onother page on oml2.

I also detected that  debug only works in WebBlock in oml2, I can not debug pages in oml2 (Always  select  oml1 as entry space)

Can someone help me understand why the session variable loses is value?

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Hi Tiago, Could you confirm that both espaces are set to use the same User Provider? You can check this by validating "User Provider" property in both espaces. If the 2 espaces are using different User providers, the session shoub be different in each espaces, otherwise it should be the same and the session variable should not be "cleaned". Regares, Joao Portela
Hi João, thanks for the help... that was the problem :)

best regards,
Hi Tiago,

Glad I could help you tackle this problem.

Please let me know if you have any doubt regarding User Provider feature, or other.

João Portela