Can any one share Roles Application for reactive web.

Hi all,

I want to know more about roles.How we give permissions to screen..on what basis we give them.I dont want any documentation..if anyone know any application to work on it.pls share for practice.


I suggest to take a look over the official documentation:

Also, in the web/reactive video courses you also find more info related to roles and how they work in OutSystems.



Hi Bogdan ,

Thank u for replying

But i need some example project only on roles.


Hi Abhimaitri,

In addition, you refer to the below-mentioned course that also includes a practice project (available in the course exercise section) that will help you understand the concepts with the actual application.

I hope this helps you!

Kind regards,

Benjith Sam

Hi Sam,

Thank u so much.I have already gone through this link and exercise as well .but needed a bit more into this roles with multiple modules and many roles.

Hello Abhimaitri M,

I developed a small application to manage roles.

I believe this application will help you.

Kind Regards,


Application Roles.oap

Hi Muhammed Riyas ,

Thank u for ur time. Thanks for sending the oml.Will definetly look into this to understand more.

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