How do I share my development application for collaboration?


Im a student and just recently gotten into Outsystems.

For my study I have to create an application with three other people.

I would really like to share my development/enviorment with them but I dont know how.



So to share applications/environments:

For a personal environment, you cannot have more than one it user in the same environment, just if you share the same account. But to work together you cannot work at the same time.

Check this post:

"Hi, Sonam,

Code developed in a personal environment cannot be published or merged in other environments as other, Personal environments are differently licensed. you can share the.OML file so they can replicate the same code by reproducing it again in their own environment. 

 If you're using a licensed version of Outsystems then IPP made files can be used for publishing the code in other environments which are differently licensed. Hope this helps!


Saravanan Santhanam."

Or check this post:

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