App is getting crashed without selecting done button in Ios(Calendar and Time Picker)
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When we select the date and time in native platforms in ios without selecting done button app is getting crashed in Ios. In Android its working fine.This is happening only in Date and time picker selecting values frequently without selecting done button.App is getting Crashed.When we click done button the issue is not coming.

Hi @Pavithra Ponraj,

Can you please please provide additional information about this issue.

According to the given information, please make sure you are not using other actions on events while selecting the date.



Hi @Sreejith Surendran 

We are using date and time picker as a web block in that we are using event and handlers to pass the values to the screen. But this only happening when we click date and time input fields otherwise the app is not freezing at all.

Can you please provide the oml of the web blocks you are using or some screenshots? It will be helpful to understand the issue properly. 

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