Looking for inputs about development architechture

As a Developer, what should be the process while creating new pages.

Example if a developer has aa User story. or a Ux designs of pages. what should be the next steps with reference to developing

Creating Database entities is what comes to my mind first..

What should be the following or correct steps to be followed -

User stories -> Creating database entities- defining Logic- Ui interface- Testing -> Production.

Looking for lifecycle iteration from the point of developer

Hi @saif sheikh 

As a Developer, firstly you should understand your req....

After that :

1. create all database table with proper relation .

2. than create UI(and define this Ui Logic First) than create another Ui

3. than go to testing part;

4. after than production part




Hi Saif,

Although the steps you and Md Mansur describe are not wrong, it is a bit limited in describing the steps in how the complete development process can be done as well how one develops an application with good architecture.

To learn about the development lifecycle and which roles play a crucial part in developing a successful, performant, secure and maintainable application there are courses available:

In the Guided path Delivering OutSystems Projects especially the OutSystems Method training is relevant.

For a good application architecture, the following guided path you show follow: Architecting Substainable Applications.

Kind regards,


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