How to display total amount as a separate/independent part under the table
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Hi All,

I have a question about display a total amount below a table.  

Below is the proposed/to-be design of the table. In this table, there will be some records with their own amounts in column C of the table. The table is NOT editable table, so my concern is here I have to display the total label and the total amount of column C below the table as a separate row/part BUT I would need the total amount of column C to exist/show exactly below column C, any idea on this? Thanks for possible clues.

You can do one trick to achieve the desired result. As there is one record list as data source of the table. So in that list you can append an  item manually, in this last item under column A value will be label "Total" and under column C value will be sum of all amounts. So this last row will appear in the table as required.

After that if require you can use some css styles to style this last row.


Hi Junior,

attached oml contains required logic.




@Pramod Torase , @Vikas Sharma ,

Hi Guys,

I just found that the suggestion looks good, but do you guys have any idea if my table need to have 2 rows like that?

For example,

Total:                                                    10

Difference:                                            5

Hi @J u n i o r 

what is "Difference"?  .....can you please elaborate?



Hi J u n i o r ,

I would really advise you to use the forge component Advanced Excel. This component allows you to manipulate more such rows, and many more features with your excel reports.

You can see the documentation of the component for more info.

Hope this helps!

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