[IdP] Users from other directory are SSO:d into app
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Service Studio Version
11.52.3 (Build 59963)
Platform Version
11.15.0 (Build 35089)

I have SSO with SAML set up, with Azure AD as the Identity Provider. 

When I try to access my application in a browser with nothing cached, I'm unable to sign in from another organization (i.e. domain) - I get an error stating that the user is not found in my Directory - which is as it should be.

However; if I open my application in a browser where I'm already signed in with an account from another organization, I'm automatically signed in with that account.

How can I prevent this? Obviously, I don't want users from other organizations to access my apps. The only solution I can think of is checking if the username ends with the domain name before setting permissions, but that doesn't feel very elegant.

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