Global list of integer


I have a list of integer as widget local variable - i want use that list of integer in next widget window. How i can do list of integer be a global list (i don't find solution ... save in the client variable list of integer i cannot find ... )

Hi Hamilkar,

You can create a client variable of type string Serialize the list of integer and store it there and again while using it deserialize to integer list in other widget

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If the list is not big you cam try serialize it to JSON (widget 'JASON Serialize') ,  send it through a screen parameter and  deserialize  (widget 'JASON Deserialize') in the new screen or keep it in a client variable 

If the list is big, I advise you to review your analysis. Perhaps create a entity to keep those lists identified by the UserId and a GUID, and send that guid as a parameter or keep it in a client Variable. 

just some ideas, hope this help


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