when clicking sync , app automatically exit
Application Type
Platform Version
11.14.1 (Build 34445)

when clicking sync on mobile app ,  my app exit automatically 


Did you checked service center logs? What is the reason of this application crash. May be in logs you can get some clue that why application is getting crash.


i got this error log


Please check your TypeOfTaxPayer Sync logic. In this table(TypeOfTaxPayer) you are inserting a new records that is not exist in your "General " table.

As per your table "TypeOfTaxPayer" you created Id as "General Identifier". So make sure that General should be available in General table with same Id.



According to this error log. TaxPayer table has foreign key of General table. Now while inserting TaxPayer record value which you are passing for GeneralId is not there in General Table. So database is not able to establish foreign key relation. That's why this error.

So when entering TaxPayer table record, you must include that for Genearl Id foreign key there must be any valid Id for this. 

If it can be blank, then mark it as non mandatory field or pass nullIdentifier() in create method of TaxPayer.


Yea I fixed those things but still the app got exit when pressing sync can u please look through my sync logic 

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