Import bulk of users without setting up the password.
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Hello community

I have a case where I have to import a bulk of users without using AD.

I know how to import users by an excel. Therefore I have to enter a hashed password or I leave it open. In the case I leave it open we made it that the user has to set the password at his first login.

The problem is, that everyone could set up the password for his/her colleague if the structure of the username is known.

Do you know if there is another solution? Maybe something like sending out a "Set password Link" via email?

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If you want that user should set password on first login then leave it blank. Assuming in excel import you are getting email address of user.

So on first login, check the username . If exists then retrieve the email address and send password reset link on the email address. In this case you need to ensure that there should not be duplicate username into the system. Or you can use email address from login but these also should be unique into the application db.

Hi Dimitri,

You can follow below steps -

1. First import all the users without password.

2. Create a screen with userid as a input parameter to change user's password.

3. Create a timer and execute a server action to send email for change password. In this email you can add link of your password change screen with user id query string as encrypted.

4. Once user click on that email link you will get userid as a encrypted parameter in password change screen. You need to decrypt it.

5. Change password and redirect user to login screen.



Hi Vikas & Vinod

Sorry for the late response. 

So the solution we came up with works quite similar to what you responds. The only point is that we tried to decouple the "SetPassword" process to any information of the user. 

  1. So we have created a GUID for every user's SetPassword process. 
  2. Triggering a timer the GUIDs will be sent in an iteration to every user from the backend via email, so a username and email don't have to be uinque. 
  3. The GUID will be queried and checked when the user enters the SetPassword Screen.

Best regards

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