Best practices for Long Server Request (Reactive)
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We have client actions that triggers the creation of documents over 10 seconds. Therefor we have changed the server timeout, but now we've got a technical debt in our architecture dashboard. Does this matter? Or is there a best practise solution for this?

I would suggest for long running tasks either you can use timer or can trigger a BPT to accomplish the task according to your requirement.

Hi Michel,

If it matters is in the end up to the user/customers acceptance criteria, if they accept a response of 10 seconds or more than acceptable, then I guess it doesn't matter.

Acceptable mobile response times tend to be in the two-to-three-second range. If your app does not perform to this level, users will simply move on to something that does, leaving your products and services behind.

As already mentioned, using timers or BPT you can handle these request asynchronously and keep the user experience more performant.



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