How to find the lowest Average Table Column value from multiple tables Columns

i have 5 tables representing 5 rounds of golf, each table will be poulated on a different day (e.g. round1 = Day1.  round2 = Day2 and so on) with player scores.  i have an aggregate for each day that works out the Day average (Total/players) eg, 16 players score 33 points Total each = Day average 33.

i need to write an Expression to find the lowest Average score from the 5 Rounds Average scores.

i have tried nesting IF() statements but because an IF() statements stops when a condition is met.   If the following day Average is lower, the next IF() statement doesnt work


Hey Jolly,

Have you tried the Min() numeric function, under built in functions? You can use it on an expression, and you can also nest it.

Hope this helps!


Hi Laura,

i didnt think about using that function as it only takes 2 values.  however, i have nested the Min() values and it works a treat if all averages (5 days) are populated.  if the scores are not added to a day the average returned for that day is zero which is what the expression returns, problem i now have is i only want the Min() value if its above zero.

any ideas what i need to do?

thanks in advance :-)

Hi Jolly,

Glad to know it helped!

Well, in that case, you might need to check the values before, and disregard the 0, or you can apply logic to only check if the result is 0. So, if there's any value equal to 0, it doesn't enter the min logic. For example, you can create a list with the average values, and use the ListIndexOf to check if any of them is 0. Since it gives you the position of the value that matches the condition, then you can remove it.

Hey @Jolly Boys ,

Could you solve the issue?

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